Come and learn the scientific process together

LabXchange is an online platform for global science education that integrates the best of digital instruction and virtual lab experiences, while also connecting students, teachers, and researchers in a learning community based on sharing and collaboration.

Our team will be building prototypes and testing them with potential users beginning in the summer of 2018 and we will launch globally in 2019.

Read the official announcement here and please sign up to collaborate with us!

Prepare for the Scientific Process

The platform prepares students for the doing of science by offering well-integrated background content in biology and research methodology. Students engage with innovative virtual experiments and authentic scientific research in a supportive digital environment.

Remix and Customize Learning Content

Students and instructors can access a remixable library of digital content. The platform provides the flexibility to search for content, and then rearrange and customize it in the form of learning pathways designed to meet personal needs and learning goals.

Connect and Share What You Learn

The platform connects students, teachers, and researchers in an online learning community for the life sciences. Users share their learning pathways on the platform, while also engaging with opportunities for mentorship and academic or professional networking.


Instructors have the opportunity to search high quality content and remix it into customized learning pathways for their students. The platform's networking features enable instructors to share resources, pathways, and mutually beneficial feedback.


Secondary school and college students directly engage with the scientific process through virtual experiments and other learning materials, while benefitting from a community of fellow students, science instructors and researchers.


Science researchers share their work, provide mentoring opportunities for students, and offer feedback on the learning content. The researchers include students engaged in independent laboratory research as well as academic and professional scientists.

Scientific research requires both proper preparation and a sense of community. LabXchange provides both of these elements to accelerate student work far more effectively.

– Robert Lue, Faculty Director, LabXchange